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Will Knight and Patrick Grady in front of Will Knight's art work

It is a pleasure to welcome our next local artist Will Knight, who will be displaying his stunning art work in the constituency office on Firhill Road until the end of March. Will graduated from a Masters of Architecture Course at the Glasgow School of Art in 2014. Throughout his studies he was always interested in how we inhabit space, and how the ‘architecture’ which we occupy impacts upon this.

The concept and design of Will Knight’s work draws heavily on his architectural background, as Will describes:

“Architectural Drawings often distil this process to lines and symbols. For my artwork I use these architectural drawing conventions of surveying and working to scale to produce plan, section and elevation drawings of spaces. However, my drawings also include the furnishings, objects and paraphernalia used by people to fully inhabit the space; to create an honest and accurate drawing, reflecting the back drop to everyday life. Drawing at 1:20 scale allows for me to forensically record everything, from windows to wine glasses, tills to tea cups.”


Gibson Street Drawings


STRAVAIGIN by Will Knight  

I am delighted that Will has chosen to display his Gibson Street drawings, which celebrate the independent businesses on this short stretch of street within the constituency. The focus of this project has been to record the variety and energy of these enterprises. Although this is a self-driven project, Will pays tribute to these businesses which all inhabit ground floor spaces in Tenements and show the wide variety of form and function within these flexible spaces. Will Knight said:

“I’d like to thank all the participating businesses for their help and support throughout the project, and hope that they view these drawings as a record befitting the craft, care and commitment they take in providing this city with goods, from bread to bicycles, magazines to mochas, and lager to lunch.”


Newsagent Drawings

In addition to his Gibson Street drawings, Will is also displaying some of his newsagent drawings, which he hopes record the rich interiors and exteriors of a series of newsagents’ premises also within the constituency. As Will Knight describes:

“My focus on newsagents, who struggle in a digital age, also raises issues of the social and cultural space which they occupy within communities. Cath Feely,the social and cultural historian, has described_ how one can,‘Imagine there are still many communities in Britain where thenewsagent remains a gateway to the wider world."

More information about Will Knight can be found online at

For more information about how to purchase prints please contact Will Knight on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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