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The office walls were brought to life once again last week by professional photographer Katie Noble, the latest artist to take part in my local artist project to promote creative talent here in the constituency.
Katie studied Photography at Reid Kerr College in 2007 and specialises in portrait and event photography, and enjoys documenting special events and everyday life. This can be seen in the fantastic photographs from her contribution to the “Women Who Cycle” project with Bike for Good Community Hub in the South Side of Glasgow, started in 2017 to promote cycling skills, confidence and well being. Katie’s photo exhibition is a portraiture documentation of this project which aims to draw attention to the importance and enjoyment of cycling.
As Katie describes: “With this project we hope to show that using a bike is not only a normal method of transport but one that offers both individual benefits and advantages to wider society. As well as the practical and health benefits of cycling, riding a bike brings confidence, freedom, and builds self-esteem. I believe these benefits are especially important for women. In many other countries riding a bike is just a method of transport like any other, this is possible here too.”
Katie’s pictures beautifully capture the essence of the Bike for Good project, and clearly highlight the sheer joy that cycling can bring. Her talent for capturing rich depths of light and perfectly composed, yet natural and relaxed scenes, shine through in this photography display. I hope that it helps to highlight the health benefits of cycling, as well as the importance of respecting our cyclists as rightful and valuable users of the road, worthy of the same respect as anyone else.
You can see Katie’s exhibition in my constituency office until 15th June, so please stop by to take a look.
Katie is always keen to get involved in new projects and can be contacted by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
More information about Katie’s work can be found here: or via facebook here:
Bike for Good offer a place for the local community to gather and share their passion for cycling, and they offer free activities, such as the ‘Bike academy’ and ‘Wheelbeing’ club. They currently offer women only led rides and one to one skills sessions. These are a fantastic opportunity for women to develop their skills, build confidence and be part of a beautiful diverse community. More information about the Bike for Good community hub can be found here:


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